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About us

About us

¿Who is Novandalucia?.

Our Professional Firm is composed of highly qualified experts, associates and colleagues with the experience and empathy necessary for managing your community, finding the way to improve its amenities and services, and mediating in any possible conflicts between residents.

Team Work

Our work team:
•Registered Estate Manager
•Certified Real Estate Expert
•Accounts Manager

•Spanish-English-French translators
•Qualified Insurance Brokers
•Labour Advisor
•Legal-Financial Consultant
•Agricultural Engineers

Our multidisciplinary team is at your disposal for support in the management and upgrading of your Community

Mission, Values and Commitment

Our Mission: To responsibly manage the resources of your Community, through transparency and efficiency, acting always in the best interests of the owners.
Corporative values are the pillars of our mission. Seven basic values shape the policy of NovAndalucía Administrators and define its personality. These values steer the way we work and guide our conduct and decision-making:
- Client satisfaction - Dynamism
- Transparency - Flexibility
- Proven Experience - Professionalism
- Personalised Attention
Our Commitment: From the first financial year, to reduce the expenditure of the Community, cutting costs, renegotiating and reviewing contracts with the various suppliers and service providers, and optimising management, so that owners will pay less service charges.

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